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Nanami Chiaki

June 2014

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Jun. 2nd, 2014 04:30 pm
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▼ Nanami Chiaki [ OU ]
Birthday: March 14th
Astrology Sign: Pisces
Soul Arcana: Moon
Unlucky Arcana: The Magician , Justice, The Tower & The Fool
String Color: [#FFABCF]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Absent and laidback, but by no means a pushover. Videogames and napping are staples in this mild-mannered schoolgirl's life.

Staying in Libra 5-03.

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[Roleplayer's Permissions]

  • I'm generally easy to get along with and I can't really think of anything specific I'd like to avoid, really. Just the usual, no-one-likes-rude people stuff.
  • I can be a pretty fast replier when in a good mood, but feel free to keep to whatever replying speed you're comfortable with! 
  • If you need me for something feel free to PM me out of the blue, I can be a bit quiet around new people but I don't mind random harassment. As long as it's a figure of speech harassment and not actual harassment, of course.
Shipping with my character:
  • Displays of affection welcomed up til kissing- I <i>can</i> play kiss scenes (very awkwardly, but I can... probably roleplay makeout....) but nothing beyond that. Flirting, cuddling, hugs, stuff like that is fine, but yeah no heavily sexual scenes. 
  • Besides, look at Nanami, why would you do that why would any fucking happen
Antagonizing my character: 
  • If you want to, go ahead. Verbal arguments are fine. If it comes to blows, see below:
  • I'd appreciate it if you avoid causing injuries that she can't recover from, please. Maiming- no. Breaking bones, dislocating limbs- please discuss with me first!! Knocking her out- depends on how feasible it would be given the context, also please let me know beforehand. For light bruises and cuts, that's fine on the most part, if we're really fighting I'll probably have Nanami incur scrapes and cuts anyway. 
  • Killing is no!! Considering the nature of this RP and dead characters staying dead this is kind of a given, but yeah.
  • *Note: heavily injuring Nanami might cause things to happen that hints at SDR2 spoilers, so please keep that in mind and uh remind me about it if you don't want spoilers. 
  • Telepathy, mind-reading, controlling my character with your willbending powers: Depends on context, talk to me about it! 
[Your permissions! You. Yes, you.]

  • Big parts of Nanami's character arc involve information that are major endgame spoilers. Anyone who's familiar with the Dangan Ronpa series would know that there's more to many characters than what you see at the start screen! By default I try to avoid anything beyond vague references, especially if I'm not sure whether you're spoiled or not. Feel free to let me know if we ever start threading whether you're ok/not ok with spoilers!
  • Spoilers are most likely going to come up if you try to talk to Nanami about her backstory, deep character things and stuff like that. Feel free to remind me in a PM or something if we're heading into dangerous territory, if you wanna be safe! 
  • If because of spoilers (or because you don't like my/my muse's face, etc.) you don't want to thread with me and I try to talk to you, let me know. 

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((probably really out of date because I realize, am I really going to be bothered to log all my activity (nah) ))


[VIDEO]: Threading with Saionji Hiyoko [COMPLETE], Kotoha [COMPLETE], Agatha
[VIDEO] Takakage's canon update 

[ACTION] Entry/Starter post: Threading with Takakage Kobayakawa
[ACTION] 13th Hour Open Thread: Threading with Desco and Franziska von Karma
[EVENT] June 8th Barrier Collision Reaction: Threading with Takakage, [x] Kanji Tatsumi
[ACTION] Bakery encounter with Shelly de Killer


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You are accessing Nanami Chiaki's COMP: Persona Database. 

> IC Inbox

Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:37 am
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[Elevator music starts playing. Faint currents of waves and wind can be heard in the audio; the whole track reminds you a little of a sunny tropical island, actually.]

Hello, you have reached Nanami Chiaki's COMP contact. If you have a message, please leave it after the tone.

If this is an urgent call, do put that down for ease of priority-sorting and Nanami-san will get back to you as soon as she can. If you'd like to be told when Nanami-san is again online and contactable instead, that can also be arranged.

Have a nice day.... [beep] 


Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:29 am
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((Yeeaaah! Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!))
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